The End of Summer …

… and what a good Summer it’s been for Sandstone Design and our clients.

With the arrival of Autumn and cooler temperatures (eventually?) we have discovered that the clients of the 3 swim spas, fitted by Home Counties Pools and Hot Tubs ( ) and landscaped by Sandstone Design, have not and will not need to stop swimming. Due to the versatility of these pools and the skill of the designs of Ali Dempster, integrating the pool into your existing garden is not a problem. One of the pools fitted this Summer is above the ground, surrounded by a deck. A sliding deck cover enables the whole decking area to be used when the swim spa isn’t, thus achieving the best of both worlds. The other two pools are partially set in to the ground, one into a landscaped terrace with a hardwood surround and the other with random, Sussex sandstone walling with solid oak capping. Of course there is the third option of having your swim spa in the ground, more like a conventional swimming pool.

All our clients have the intention of continuing the use of their swim spas throughout the winter thereby being able to maintain their exercise and it’s benefits.

Perfect and I want one!


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