February’s great

Well the weather’s pretty foul but wow the daylight, fantastic! It may be the same every year but the marked increase in daylight hours at this time of year lead us all on to Springy thoughts.

These Springy thoughts have been beautifully channelled in the planning and building of the most wonderful vegetable garden that Sandstone has designed near Tonbridge, Kent. Our clients are fortunate enough to have a perfect area of flat land to the side of their house so this has been designed to allow the vegetable beds to be orientated towards the sun. These beds will eventually accommodate a vegetable garden whose space allows the inclusion of a dedicated asparagus bed, yummm!

The centrally located green house is conveniently situated near the fruit cage and dedicated rhubarb bed, and of course the herb bed is easily accessible from the kitchen ensuring its use. Perhaps the most enviable part of this project for me is the orchard, it is going to have a mixture of apple, pear, plum, damson and cherry trees; ah the blossom and then the fruit!

Fantastic, our clients’ dinners and summer puddings will know no bounds, all the ingredients being freshly picked!

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