As soon as I talk about the mild temperature – snow everywhere!

Nonetheless, Sandstone’s recently enjoyed the opportunity of transforming an old, tired and uninspiring Tunbridge Wells garden, into a new cottage garden reusing and recycling wherever possible.
In conjunction with Ali, our clients had the vision to have their new garden designed using many of its existing features in a new way, thus retaining the aged feel of the space and cutting (all importantly)costs.
For example old yorkstone paving was lifted and relayed in another part of the garden to provide a lovely terrace, while many of the mature shrubs were also lifted, stored and successfully replanted.
The garden’s soil was removed from one area and reused in another, as was a concrete terrace that was lifted, broken up and used as sub base for the new driveway.
Constructing in this way is often an option but many people prefer to work with a blank canvas, throwing away everything and starting again – sometimes a great shame!

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