Feel the heat

In our last post, we touched on how lighting can be used to help us fully enjoy our outdoor spaces year-round. Heating is an equal factor. I don’t know about you, but for me it doesn’t matter how beautifully illuminated my garden is, if it’s freezing cold I’d rather stay inside with my wood burner!

Take a look at some of the ideas below – combined with the lighting options mentioned earlier, there’s really no need to hide away indoors until spring!

The Corten Steel Fire Pit, from our neighbours Round Wood of Mayfield, is made of a special type of steel originally developed for bridge building and skyscraper construction due to its exceptional properties. As well as being incredibly strong, Corten steel develops its own protective layer as a result of the weathering process and consequently has a far higher resistance to atmospheric corrosion than other steels. Freshly manufactured steel is blue but, as it is exposed to the elements, gradually takes on a lovely rich rust colour. It’s available in 5 sizes and the smaller sizes can be used with a tripod grill (also available from Round Wood) so you can cook on it too! We think these fire pits would be a great addition to any garden, practically and aesthetically.

Corten Steel Fire Pit & Eco Nuggets from Round Wood of Mayfield

Of course you’ll need something to burn on your new Corten Steel Fire Pit – Round Wood of Mayfield also supply Eco Nuggets, briquettes made at their own mill using recycled hardwood waste and sawdust from their own mill. They earn bonus green points right there! They are clean to handle, easy to ignite and have a low ash content. They can even be used to light damp logs. The nuggets can be used in all stoves and open fires as well as BBQs, fire pits and chimineas, and their high burn temperature means they give off incredible heat, so they’re a fantastic option to keep you toasty warm outside (or inside) and are an excellent environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuels.

Or, if you’re after a more integrated solution, how about a bespoke outside fireplace/oven? The one below was designed and built by Sandstone for a client in Tunbridge Wells. It’s made of concrete blocks, has a heat-proof render inside and out, and a custom made grill is tucked inside. It blends in seamlessly with the patio and the stone detail matches the stone capping on the wall. Round Wood’s Eco nuggets would work beautifully in a fireplace like this!

Rendered concrete bespoke fireplace in Tunbridge Wells

A new range that we’re really excited about comes from Chesneys’, a company known for their exquisite fireplaces and an award-winning range of wood burning stoves. HEAT is a collection of barbecues that also function as outdoor wood burning heaters.

Chesneys’ HEAT 500

Chesneys’ challenged themselves to create a BBQ/heater hybrid that would not only be efficient, clean (no smoke, people!) and beautiful to look at but also provide a versatility and functionality that would appeal to the ambitious outdoor chef, as well as the ease of use and reliability required by the weekend barbecue enthusiast.

It seems they have ticked all those boxes and more, and celebrity chef James Martin is a big fan:

“Chesneys’ new Barbecue Heater is brilliant. It’s the most versatile cooking appliance I’ve ever used and afterwards it’s the perfect way to stay warm and create an atmosphere that makes the party last all night.  It changes the whole experience of outdoor living.”

Whichever method you choose, the aim is to create a comfortable al fresco experience for sipping hot chocolate (or cocktails in summer) and stargazing – make the most of your garden, whatever the weather!