Seasonally Cold?

Well, we wouldn’t like to hazard a guess as to how long this cold snap will last but we are grateful that up until Christmas work continued with very few hold ups.
With any luck modern methods of laying paving and general hard landscaping will continue pretty much unscathed thanks to Sandstone’s brave, hardy and reliable team of landscapers. Ali has recently made the decision to put all planting on hold as he doesn’t want “the poor little things” to either drown or freeze and after 17 years of business Sandstone are in the fortunate position of being able to plan projects that can be completed regardless of external factors i.e. Naff weather. More sensitive work is held off until March / April including placing those young plants, which may be affected by frost, in the ground.
On another upbeat note we’ve probably all noticed that the days have begun to get longer and this means so does a landscaper’s working day relieving the pressure of trying to achieve eight hours work in the seven hours of light available. Roll on spring.